Three reasons to do a maternity photo session

November 7, 2022

This is a bold confession for a Los Angeles maternity photographer: I never had maternity photos taken. Like many of you, I was too busy, was worried I’d be awkward in front of the camera and was a little afraid the photos might feel cheesy. Now, as a mom to a middle schooler, I regret not having maternity photos taken. So, in case you are on the fence, here are three reasons to do a maternity session.

You’ll be blown away at how beautiful you look.

When you’re in the midst of your pregnancy, you may feel overwhelmed, overtired, and less comfortable in your body. You’ll be surprised when you get your maternity portraits that you look stunning! Hiring a professional maternity photographer is different from taking your photo in the bathroom mirror. We know how to use light, focal length, and natural posing to capture you at your most beautiful. I even offer a studio wardrobe collection full of gorgeous dresses that photograph well and flatter my clients.

maternity garden outdoor portrait

You (and your child) will love looking at your maternity photos.

My son used to love looking at photographs of me when I was pregnant with him. I’m not kidding; his face would light up looking at these photos. For him, it was exciting to catch a glimpse of himself before he was born and to see me waiting to meet him. When I looked through these photos with him, it gave me time to reflect on my body’s incredible work during those long months of pregnancy. I found that I valued these few pregnancy photos and appreciated my pregnant body in a new way. I only wish I had better-quality photographs to share with him.

Garden portrait of pregnant mother and young sister

Your maternity photo shoot will be easier than you think.

Many of my clients are relieved to hear that their maternity session will take just 90 minutes. My natural maternity portraits don’t require elaborate costumes or props (leave those angel wings and antique baby carriages behind). You can choose to do your own hair and makeup or hire one of my trusted artists to come to your home before the session. I have a gorgeous selection of maternity dresses and robes in the studio collection, so you won’t even need to go shopping. Most importantly, I give you constant direction throughout the session so that we get flattering and natural portraits, and you are never left wondering what to do in front of the camera.

Studio maternity portrait in white dress

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