What to expect at your boudoir maternity photoshoot

July 25, 2022

Your boudoir maternity photoshoot – or, intimate maternity session, as I like to call it – is a special experience. It’s a time to celebrate your body and the beauty of pregnancy. For some, it can also be a vulnerable experience. Knowing what to expect ahead of time can help you relax and get the most out of your session.

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How much skin you show is up to you.

Before your session, we’ll chat on the phone to discuss what level of nudity you’re comfortable with. Some women want to spend most of their session clothed and then slip into undies and a robe for the last little bit, and some have their hearts set on nude or semi-nude maternity portraits. I can show you examples from past sessions and help you pinpoint the look you’re after. We can also adjust our plan as needed. You may feel nervous ahead of the session only to realize halfway through that you want the full monty!

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Include your partner in your maternity session or go solo

Your boudoir maternity session is a time to celebrate your changing body and its incredible work. Whether your partner comes along is entirely up to you. Some women want their partners with them the whole time, and some like the time to focus on themselves. If you are on the fence, I encourage you to include your partner. My studio has a separate client lounge, so we can always exile them to the other room and bring them in as needed.

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I’ll be giving your plenty of direction.

Are you wondering if you’ll feel awkward during your boudoir maternity session? Banish the thought! I will give you constant direction throughout the session and know how to direct you to create beautiful, natural maternity portraits. You’ll find that the studio is a comfortable and relaxed environment, and we’ll be laughing through any initial discomfort!

Thank you again so much for the wonderful photos and experience! We felt you made the shoot really relaxing and enjoyable (no small feat given the nudity, too!). We never felt rushed or pushed, which was important, and it was just a really special opportunity to pause and to take in the moment and the journey we’re/I’m on. We knew we were in good, capable hands and that allowed us to just relax and be in the moment :). – Francesca, Los Angeles

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You will love how you look in your boudoir maternity photos.

Pregnancy doesn’t always make you feel beautiful, but your maternity photos will. Day to day, you may feel uncomfortable and unwieldy. In your portraits? Gorgeous and glowing. Cliche as it may sound, your body’s work is pretty magical. Your boudoir maternity photoshoot is a chance to slow down and appreciate your hard work and the beauty of your body as it makes space for a whole new person. Just don’t be surprised at how beautiful you look in your finished portraits.

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