Should you do a newborn photo shoot or wait until your baby is older?

November 21, 2022

Occasionally, one of my clients asks me whether they should do a newborn photo shoot or wait until their baby is a bit older. I’m a newborn photographer, so you can guess my answer. Before we get to my opinion, let’s look at why you might be asking that question in the first place.

Are you worried you won’t feel up to a newborn portrait session?

Of course, this is a valid concern. The ideal time to photograph your newborn is within 7-10 days of birth. During this time, you are just getting to know your new baby and recovering physically if you are the birthing parent.

Although it might feel daunting, your newborn photo shoot can be a relaxed and enjoyable experience for everyone. Choose a full-service newborn photographer so that you can focus on yourself and your baby, not on planning your session.

If you don’t want to leave the house, you can hire a photographer who offers in-home newborn sessions.

newborn sleeping on stomach

Are you concerned that a newborn photo shoot might be too much for your baby?

Many new parents worry that a newborn photoshoot may be “too much” for their baby. If you are concerned that a newborn session might stress your newborn or overstimulate them, you are not alone! The good news is that a newborn session is perfectly safe for your baby with the right photographer.

Aside from finding a photographer taking all the proper safety precautions, you will want to find a photographer with a gentle approach.

When I photograph your newborn, I use “baby-led posing.” This means I’m paying careful attention to your baby’s cues and body language and using that information to guide your baby into natural and comfortable positions. I never put your baby into unnatural positions that stress their bodies.

If your baby becomes unsettled, we’ll stop the session so they can have a feed, a cuddle, a change, or whatever they need. When your baby needs to be held, we’ll photograph them in your arms.

newborn in white blanket

Go on, admit it… Do you think your baby will be a little cuter when they’re older?

There seems to be a prevailing wisdom out there that newborns are “funny” or “alien” looking and that they get cuter as they get older. I can get on board with the second part because babies just get cuter and cuter. These baby milestone sessions are a case in point.

However, I’m afraid I have to disagree that newborns are “funny looking”. I think they are adorable. They are SO adorable that I take photographs of them all day long.

Baby sleeping portrait on white bedLos Angeles Awake Newborn photoclose-up of newborn feet

Yes, you should book a newborn photo shoot now!

Your baby will never be this small again. The newborn phase goes quickly, and within a couple of months, it feels like a distant memory. Newborn portraits help you remember the profound experience of meeting your baby and falling in love with them.

You can always add a 3-month or 6-month milestone session down the road, but you can’t go back for the newborn photographs. You’ll never regret having a newborn photo shoot.

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big sister and newborn

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