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February 24, 2022

Can you believe how much your baby has changed in the last six months? Even after years of newborn photography and baby photography, I am consistently shocked at the transformation that happens in six short months.

B&W closeup of baby's head

By now, your baby is playful and curious and throwing around plenty of smiles and laughs. They have favorite games, favorite toys, and, I’m guessing, a big personality!

Young child studio portrait

Your baby is almost ready for their sitter session

Most of my newborn clients return to me when their baby is between 6 and 9 months old for a sitter session.

What the heck’s a sitter session? Well, it’s a session that captures that fleeting but magical stage when your baby can sit up unassisted but can’t yet crawl away.

This age is the perfect time for photographs because your little one will sit happily for a good stretch. If you wait until your baby is crawling, they will get frustrated sitting still and want to crawl off and explore. The happy sitter stage doesn’t last long and shouldn’t be missed!

Studio portrait of young baby

Studio portrait of young baby

A great time to capture family photos

As always, parents and siblings are welcome to join in the session. Some of my clients choose to focus on baby only for the sitter session, and some seize the opportunity for an updated family portrait. It’s up to you!

B&W studio portrait of couple with young baby
Quick and easy

The key to a successful sitter session is to keep things quick. Solo sessions take about an hour. If we are also photographing parents and siblings you can plan on 90 minutes. Your little one will be done with the excitement and ready for a rest by then.

We schedule your session for right after the baby’s nap when they have their longest stretch of being awake and happy. To make things easier, I give you an hour-long window to arrive at the studio instead of a hard start time.

Studio portrait of young baby in parent's hands

Studio portrait of young baby on bed

Plenty of variety

When your baby can sit on their own, I can capture a wide variety of images. You can see from the photos in this post that a “sitter session” means more than just sitting. Babies who can sit on their own also have the strength to push up during tummy time, support their weight while standing (with help, of course), and enjoy a good old game of airplane. 

I also bring variety to your gallery by offering multiple wardrobe looks for your baby. Typically we’ll photograph baby in a complete outfit, a simple onesie or romper, and a knit diaper cover.

Los Angeles sitter session collage

Ready to schedule your baby’s sitter session? I recommend scheduling your baby’s sitter session for around 7.5 months. We can always move the date if they are sitting much earlier or not yet sitting well without support.

Father holding young child

big sister and newborn

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