Three portrait sessions not to miss in your baby’s first year

October 31, 2022

Sometimes you only know what you’ve missed once it’s too late. Life with a new baby can be a blur, especially if it’s your first. You are likely spending a lot of time thinking about how much your baby is sleeping, what they are eating, and whether you’ll ever have a clean house again. You are probably not thinking about the photographs you’d like to have 5 or 10 years from now. I’ll tell you now that there are three portrait sessions not to miss in your baby’s first year.

Make sure to book a newborn portrait session.

Of course, as one of Los Angeles’s top newborn photographers, I would say that, but it’s true! The newborn stage is fleeting. While your baby is technically a newborn for the first two months, they change drastically during that time. If you are looking for sleepy, curly newborn photographs, you’ll want to have your newborn photographed in the first two weeks.

You will immediately appreciate your newborn portraits. When you get your newborn gallery, you’ll be amazed at how much your baby has already changed.

mom looking down at newborn baby

Don’t skip a six-month or sitter session.

Most of my Los Angeles newborn clients return to me when their baby is between 6 and 9 months old for a sitter session.

This photoshoot captures that fleeting but magical stage when your baby can sit up unassisted but can’t yet crawl away.

This age is the perfect time for photographs because your little one will sit happily for a good stretch. If you wait until your baby crawls, they will get frustrated sitting still and want to crawl off and explore. The sitter session is all kinds of cute and one of my favorites to photograph.

Studio portrait of young baby

Come back for first birthday portraits.

By the time your baby turns one, your mind is officially blown. Your child has gone from a tiny being who sleeps all day to a walking, talking little person. The one-year mark is a milestone for your baby but also for you as a parent!

I love to welcome my newborn clients back around the time of their baby’s first birthday. We’ll capture toothy grins, your baby’s new-found skills (like standing, cruising, or walking), and all the personality and curiosity of your one-year-old. 

outdoor portrait of mother and kid

Plan ahead

As a mom of two and a newborn & baby photographer, I have one last tip for you: plan ahead! I recommend booking your newborn and baby milestone sessions at the same time. Most photographers provide some discount or incentive for booking them together. More importantly, this ensures you won’t get too busy and miss out! And a hack for the really busy parents out there? Have your photographer create an album with images from all your sessions, and you can skip the baby book ;).

photo album cover preview

Ready to make a plan for photographing your baby’s first year? Let’s get started!

You can also take a look at some images from my Los Angeles newborn photo sessions or Los Angeles baby milestone sessions.

big sister and newborn

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