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May 19, 2022

As a Los Angeles family photographer, I hear from families craving natural moments and candid images that capture their family’s personality. If those words – natural and candid – strike a chord with you, you are probably searching for a lifestyle photographer!

What is lifestyle family photography?

Lifestyle photography captures real situations, moments, and interactions artistically. So, while I might photograph you in beautiful light and at a flattering angle, I’m careful to set up actions and activities that generate real interactions between you and your children.

Lifestyle family photography Los Angeles

What are the benefits of lifestyle family photography?

Lifestyle family photography has become increasingly popular, and for good reason! Here are just a few of the reasons that a lifestyle session is a great fit for families:

Lifestyle family photo sessions are fun.

Having your family’s portraits taken can be fun. I design my lifestyle sessions to yield beautiful photographs and be an enjoyable hour or two for all of you. For kids, a lifestyle photography session feels like a playdate. And, because the kids are having fun, parents can relax. I hear again and again how much my clients enjoy their portrait sessions. They tell me that the experience brought them closer together as a family and that they’ve taken home not just their portraits but also fond memories of the day.

Lifestyle family photography Los Angeles

Natural and authentic portraits

Lifestyle family sessions are all about personality & connection. You’ll do a lot less standing and smiling and more interacting and laughing. When I photograph children in their element, the resulting images are authentic and lively portraits that truly capture your child’s personality. The result? You’ll come away with gorgeous photos that feel like your family.

Lasting memories

Lifestyle family photography is perfect for capturing the beauty of your everyday experience. Life with children can be crazy, but it’s undeniably beautiful. When we build a session around authentic play and interaction, those images come with an extra layer of memory. I can’t keep your kids little, but I can help you hold onto the love and laughter, the funny faces, and familiar looks. The photographs we make this year will transport you back to this time in your family’s life for decades to come.

young girl on father's shoulders

What’s the best age for a lifestyle family session?

The best part about lifestyle family photography is that it works for kids at any age! I take a lifestyle approach to all of my baby and family sessions.

Lifestyle Baby Photography

Let’s face it, babies and toddlers aren’t going to pose anyway! A lifestyle session embraces this fact and is designed to capture the playfulness and spontaneity of little ones. Most of my family sessions take place outdoors, but for babies up to one year old, I’m often photographing them in the studio. Even in my studio, we can capture natural and authentic lifestyle portraits!

Los Angeles newborn photographer

Lifestyle one-year photography

Many of my Los Angeles newborn photo session clients come back to me for their baby’s one-year session. One-year-olds are full of curiosity and always on the move! I love to capture these traits with a lifestyle photo session. My garden sessions, which take place in a beautiful native garden near my studio, are the perfect place for a lifestyle one-year photo session.

one year photo session

Lifestyle child photography

Kids are happiest when they are playing and even more delighted when their parents want to play with them. Lifestyle family photography is the perfect option for families with young kids because it is play-based. Your kids will stay happy and engaged, and, as a result, we’ll capture plenty of joy-filled moments.

Lifestyle kids portrait

Are you still looking for lifestyle family photography in Los Angeles?

Well, I may be the LA family photographer for you! If you’d like to see more of my lifestyle family photography, please have a look at this post featuring some of my outdoor family photography sessions.

big sister and newborn

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