The best time of year for family portraits in Los Angeles

April 11, 2023

What’s the best time of year for family portraits in Los Angeles? That’s an easy one! It’s spring.

Maybe you were expecting, “There’s no wrong time of year; I love them all.” Well, you’re half right. Family portraits can, of course, be taken any time of year. We’re lucky to have good weather year-round in Los Angeles; even January sessions can be held outdoors. But do I love all the seasons equally? No, I do not.

Family portrait outdoors in the garden

Fall is typically the most popular time for family portraits. Whether families are planning a holiday card or not, something about that time of year seems to remind people that they haven’t had family photos taken in a while. I’m from the East Coast, and I understand the appeal of autumn there. However, I don’t get it in LA. It’s still boiling hot in October, and most plants are dead and brown (LA is not known for its leaf-peeping).

Mother and daughter in the garden

In case you aren’t convinced, here are three reasons why I think that spring is the best time of year for family portraits in Los Angeles:

1. Los Angeles is at its prettiest in spring

LA isn’t known for its lush foliage, but we Angelenos enjoy the benefits of January and February’s rain during April and May. LA’s rain fell at historic levels this year, and spring is putting on an even better show than usual. My favorite place to photograph spring sessions is at Arlington Garden, where you’re treated to a wide variety of blooms. 

Family portrait session in the garden

2. Mild spring weather is perfect for family sessions.

Spring is the best time to enjoy LA’s sunshine without the apocalyptic temperatures of September and October. Nobody likes to be hot and sweaty in their photographs, and kids tend to wilt in the heat. Golden hour sessions in spring are usually pleasantly warm, and the additional afternoon and evening light puts everyone in a good mood!

Spring outdoor family portrait

3. Schedules are usually less hectic during spring.

Waiting until October for your family portraits can bring unneeded stress. As the holidays approach and we enter the season of office parties and school performances, adding another thing to your list may feel overwhelming. By contrast, parents are usually less harried in spring, which makes for a much more relaxing session.

Small girl portrait in Los Angeles

Family portrait example outdoors Father and daughter outdoors portrait Family outdoor LA portrait 

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