What to expect from a baby-led newborn photo shoot

January 23, 2023


When photographing newborns, I use a method called “baby-led posing.” Baby-led posing means that I only put your baby into safe, supported positions and pay close attention to your newborn’s cues to determine the most comfortable positions.

A baby-led session differs from a traditional newborn session, where newborns are tightly wrapped and set in props or put into risky poses that require spotters who are then edited out of the image.

So, what can you expect at a baby-led session?

Close-up photo of baby

Expect your newborn to be comfortable.

Just like you and me, newborns have preferences. Depending on their anatomy and positioning in the womb, they will naturally find some positions more comfortable. You may have already noticed that your baby prefers their legs tucked up in a certain way, turns their head to one side more than the other, or likes to keep their hands near their face. 

Luckily, newborns are great communicators! As I move your newborn into position, I leave space for them to stretch, settle, and rearrange themselves as needed. If they seem resistant or unsettled in a particular pose, I simply move on to the next option. Your baby will likely remain asleep throughout this process. 

B&W portrait of newborn sleeping

Expect a relaxing newborn session.

Baby-led newborn photo sessions are relaxing for both your baby and you. In addition to ensuring that your baby is comfortable while being photographed, I also watch for signs that they need a break. If your baby needs to eat, be changed, or be held, that’s what we’ll do! 

Baby-led sessions are relaxing for parents as well. You can relax and enjoy the process when you see that your baby is comfortable and that all their needs are met. 

Mother with newborn baby in her arms

Newborn baby in swaddle b&w

Expect plenty of variety in your newborn gallery.

Your baby will prefer some positions over others, but this doesn’t mean our options are limited. I have many ways to photograph your baby and plenty of experience making adjustments to suit your little one. We’ll photograph your newborn from all angles, by themselves, with you and your family, and also capture plenty of details. 

Newborn baby sleeping with hand under head

Expect more authentic newborn portraits. 

When you book a baby-led newborn session, you can expect natural and authentic photographs. Baby-led posing leaves room for your little one’s natural inclinations and tendencies. You’ll see portraits of your newborn that remind you of little things they do at home or even your ultrasound images. I love getting to know your baby and take pride in keeping them comfortable and showcasing their personality. 

Young couple with yawning newborn baby in arms

Newborn baby with arms to the side of the face, eyes closed

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