How is a photographer like an accountant?

January 10, 2023

This title sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it’s not. That said, if you can think of a punchline, please share it! So, how is a photographer like an accountant? Let me count the ways!

Your family photographer can take better photos than you can

Excuse me for being blunt; it’s true. You hire an accountant (tax preparer or financial advisor) because they are experts in their field. You know that you’ll get better results (and keep more of your money) if you hire a professional rather than doing your own taxes. It’s just the same with your photographer. Your photographer (hopefully) has years of experience in their craft. Not only will their photographs be better than your iPhone snaps, but you’ll be in them!

outdoor family portrait

You consider them your photographer.

When you talk about your accountant, you probably refer to them as “my accountant.” Well, this is the same way you should think about your photographer. Just as you wouldn’t hire a different accountant to prepare your taxes each year, jumping around from photographer to photographer won’t get you the best results. Finding a great photographer can be challenging, even in a big city like Los Angeles. Once you find a photographer you like working with and who delivers beautiful work, stick with them. Your photographer gets to know your family, builds a rapport with your kids, and learns your preferences. Putting in the leg work to find a stellar family photographer and sticking with them will pay dividends over the years.

outdoor portrait with mother, daughter and dog

Your photographer can help you plan for the future.

Wouldn’t it be weird if your accountant did your taxes without thinking about the following year or your financial advisor tried to invest your money without thinking about your future? It’s the same with your photographer. When I work with my clients, whether they first hire me as their newborn photographer or some time down the road, I encourage them to think well past their session date.

Garden portrait of pregnant mother and young sister

big sister and newborn

young child raised in arms

Your photographer ensures that your family is documented consistently.

It’s easy to miss out on a year (or two or three) of family portraits. Especially if you are jumping from photographer to photographer. Once you find your photographer, they should ensure that your family is photographed consistently and with variety. When I work with my families, I think about this year’s photos, next year’s photos, the year after that one, and so on. I help my clients decide how often to get family photographs taken and how to get a variety of locations and seasons in their collections.

outdoor family portrait in garden

Your photographer helps you enjoy your photographs today and preserve them for the future.

If you have a good accountant or financial advisor, they help you make the most of your money today and preserve it for the future. A good photographer is doing the same thing with your family’s portraits.

Many of my clients also entrust me to turn their digital files into lasting heirlooms. I make deciding which images to print and how to display them a breeze. Then, while you enjoy extra time with your family, my team and I will create beautiful, finished artwork custom-designed to fit your home and your lifestyle. I make it easy for you to preserve your family legacy and pass your favorite memories on to your children and grandchildren.

framed portrait of baby with fingers on cheeks

big sister and newborn

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