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November 28, 2022

My Los Angeles newborn photography clients come to me because they are looking for something a little bit different. My work is a far cry from what most people picture when they think of studio newborn photography. You won’t find any baskets, buckets, or doll beds in my light and airy studio. Instead, I create natural, emotive images with a minimalist aesthetic.

black and white baby portrait in parent handsfather holding newbornmother holding newborn

So, what is modern studio newborn photography?

When you think of studio newborn photography, you probably picture an intricately-posed newborn inside some sort of prop, such as a basket, bucket, or even a tiny armchair.

My approach to studio photography is completely different.

I never use props and only or put your baby in unnatural poses. I believe that your baby is perfect the way they are and that props, costumes, and elaborate poses create distractions. I want your newborn portraits to be all about your baby and your family.

newborn baby sleeping in swaddleb&w newborn portrait in both parents' hands

Ironically, this modern approach to studio newborn photography results in timeless images! When I photograph your newborn I’m not just thinking about how you’ll enjoy the portraits today, but what they will mean to you and your child decades from now.

b&w couple portrait with newborn baby

My goal with every session is to create images that you will still want hanging in your home thirty years from now. Or, even better, that your child might want to hang in their home one day.

close-up of baby in white swaddleclose up of baby mouth

Why I love studio newborn photography

If you want modern, why not just choose an in-home lifestyle session?

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate lifestyle newborn sessions and for some they are the right choice. However, the studio is the best place to get clean portraits of your newborn. As a mom, I want to remember exactly what my baby looked like in their first weeks. As a photographer, I want to give you the same. The studio, where I can control and craft the light and minimize any distracting elements, is the best place to do that.

newborn baby sleepingblack & white portrait of mother holding newbornnewborn b&w portrait close-up of newborn foot fingers
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