My approach to taking candid and natural newborn photos

September 5, 2022

Los Angeles is a pretty laid-back town, so it makes sense that my clients are looking for natural newborn portraits and even some candid photos. I’ve been a newborn photographer in Los Angeles, employing this natural style for years. Many trends have come and gone, but candid, natural newborn photos never go out of style.

Young couple holding crying newborn baby

Natural newborn sessions without props leave plenty of room for candid moments. I guide my clients into natural poses and let them interact naturally with their baby. I can usually count on baby to provide a yawn or a sleepy smile to light up their parents’ faces.

Portrait of couple holding sleeping newborn

When an older sibling joins the newborn session, the opportunities for great candid photos multiply! I love photographing toddlers and newborns together because you never know where it will go. The best photographs of toddlers with their newborn siblings are often “child-directed.”

Black and white portrait of siblings

When I’m photographing baby on their own, I follow their lead. Like any of us, babies have preferences. They prefer some positions over others and like to move around to get comfy. I want to leave room for baby to have some “say” in how they are posed because the resulting images are, to me, more authentic. You’d be surprised how often a parent will notice that baby’s hand placement or head tilt in their portraits resembles the positions they favor at home.

B&W close-up portrait of crying baby

During the session, baby may wriggle into a different position, stretch out their limbs, yawn, sneeze, or even cry. I believe that your newborn session gallery should capture the full spectrum of your baby’s personality, moods and expressions. It’s often these more candid photographs that end up as family favorites.

Young father holding newborn baby in arms

Are you looking for beautiful newborn portraits with a natural, candid vibe? Get in touch today and we’ll start planning your newborn’s session.

big sister and newborn

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