Natural Unposed Newborn Photography Without Props

August 29, 2022

Lots of my clients find me after searching for a newborn photographer who does unposed newborn photography in Los Angeles. I understand why parents seek out unposed newborn photography. They are searching for natural newborn photos that don’t look cheesy or over-styled.

close-up of newborn baby sleeping with arms under head

Natural newborn photos: Posing for an unposed look

I actually do pose newborns! The whole point of newborn photography is to document what your baby looked like in their first weeks of life and capture some of the feeling of that time. Leaving newborns completely unposed can make it hard to capture all of your little one’s features.

Black and white portrait of newborn baby in parent hands

Posing newborns in ways that mirror their natural inclinations or mimic how they curled up in the womb goes a long way to creating natural-looking newborn photos. I use a technique called baby-led posing, which means that I pay close attention to your baby’s body language and cues to guide them into poses and positions in which they feel comfortable. Instead of being tightly swaddled and placed in a prop, your little one is free to move into positions they prefer. You’ll find that we end up with photographs of little movements or expressions that you’ve noticed at home, or maybe even in your ultrasound photographs!

Sleeping baby in white cloth

My clients searching for unposed newborn photography in Los Angeles often realize that what they are actually looking for is naturally posed newborn photography. Because I never use props (like buckets, baskets, or doll beds) and never put your newborn in an unnatural or unsafe position, many of my newborn portraits look as if they could have been taken on your bed at home.

Sleeping newborn portrait with hand on face

Not only do natural newborn portraits match your family’s style now, but they are timeless. In 30 years, when you look back on your newborn photos, you’ll remember your baby, not the trends of the time.

Mother with sleeping baby in arms

Want to know more? You can read about my formula for non-cheesy newborn photography.

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