What to wear for your fall family photoshoot in Los Angeles

August 15, 2022

There are plenty of “what to wear” guides for family photoshoots. However, most of them focus on a version of Fall that we never see here in Los Angeles. Choosing your Fall photoshoot wardrobe in Los Angeles requires a delicate balance, and here are three tips to get you started!

Portrait of two small sisters outdoors

Embrace the warm weather

Fall can be the hottest season in Los Angeles, and it’s enough to make every East Coast transplant yearn for a chill in the air, falling leaves, and apple cider donuts. It can be tempting to wrap yourselves in plaid and wrestle your toddler into a sweater, but I advise against it. No one is happy when they are overheating; plus, don’t you want those holiday cards to make all your cold climate friends envy your California lifestyle anyway?

Family portrait on the beach

Bring in some warm colors

If your heart is set on an autumnal-looking session, look to warm colors like reds, oranges, and yellows. This family did an especially great job with their color palette. Mom’s ochre dress brings in a bit of Fall feeling, and their little one’s shirt and shoes tie in mom’s dress and dad’s shirt beautifully. While their outfits bring some warmth to their portraits, they are also climate-appropriate!

Likewise, in this portrait, the warm colors in mom and dad’s clothing balance the more summery feel of their daughters’ dresses. 

Family photography example in outdoor garden

Outdoor family portrait with two small children

Add some fall staples that won’t have you sweating it out

In addition to warm, autumnal colors, you can borrow from colder weather wear; just do it selectively!

Fall footwear

For women and girls, I often recommend booties rather than sandals. Paired with something cool, like a maxi dress, they bring a bit of Fall without making you miserable. 

Fall accessories

Do you know what won’t make you hot? A headband. Incorporating cold weather prints (like plaid) into your ensemble is a great option. 

Close-up portrait of young girl outdoor

Fall cuts

If a t-shirt or tank feels too summery, try wearing long sleeves in a lighter fabric. A flowy top or linen shirt is the perfect choice for women, and men usually get by with a light button-down (with the sleeves rolled up). 

This article has a good list of fall clothing that works for warm weather.

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