3 reasons to get in the picture with your kids during a portrait session

August 1, 2022

Mamas, I’m looking at you. In many families, Mom is the documentarian. She takes daily photographs of the kids, capturing special moments, vacation snaps, and everyday routine. If you count yourself among the “mamarazzi,” this message is for you: Get in the photos with your kids!

Here are three great reasons to get in the picture with your kids!

1. Photos of you with your kids show them you were there.

Your children are lucky to have a mama who is documenting their childhoods and will appreciate these photos later in life. However, they may find themselves wondering, “where’s mom?” We don’t remember our early childhood, but photographs help us see all the life and love we had before that long-term memory kicked in. You played, bathed, fed, applied bandaids, and occasionally cried into a glass of wine. Make sure your kids know it and give them some early “memories” of their mama to enjoy when they’re grown.

Family portrait with mother, daughter and dog

2.Photos of you with your kids are a gift to yourself.

Kids grow up fast. As my babies have become toddlers, little kids, big kids, and now tweens, I find that the photos I’m most grateful for are the ones with me. Once your kids have outgrown your arms, it’s extra special to have pictures of you holding them. You may think you need to lose 5 pounds, get a haircut, put on some makeup, etc., before jumping into the frame, but it just isn’t so. Your kids love you the way you are, and your future self will only be exclaiming about how great you looked “way back when.”

Outdoor photo of mother and young daughter

3. Getting in the picture sets an excellent example for your kids.

The other day I was snuggled up with my daughter on the couch. My husband pointed a camera at me, and I heard myself say, “No pictures. I look terrible”. I was wearing my PJs, had some major bedhead, and definitely didn’t have mascara on. But what message was I sending my daughter? If I don’t look pretty, I’m not worthy of being photographed. My appearance is more important than capturing this cute moment together. Neither of those is the messages I want to send my kid, and I’ll bet you don’t either.

In the end, I let him take the photo, and I’ll be glad to have it later. It also reminded me to book our fall family photo session so I can have a few photographs with my kids where I don’t have toothpaste on my shirt :).

B&W family portrait with young couple and two daughters

If you’d like to book a Los Angeles family photo session and get some gorgeous photographs of yourself with your kids, please get in touch!

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