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March 10, 2022

After years as an LA newborn photographer, I’ve learned that the best service I can offer is the one that fits my clients’ needs. That’s why, in addition to my studio newborn sessions, I offer in-home newborn photography sessions to my Los Angeles clients.

Are you considering an in-home newborn photography session? In this post, I will go over my clients’ most common questions about in-home sessions and give you all the answers you need.

If I choose an in-home session, will my photographs look the same as your studio work?

For the most part, yes. Your baby’s solo images will be no different than if I took them in my studio. When I visit your home for your newborn session, I bring the exact setup I use in my studio. I couldn’t tell you which of the photographs on my website were taken in my studio and which were taken in a client’s home.

baby sleeping on sidesimple newborn portraitnewborn squish face

When it comes to your family photographs, you may see a difference between a photograph taken in-home and one taken in my studio. While lighting and composition will be the same, the setting won’t be. I photograph families in front of a white wall or on a bed in my studio. In your home, I’ll photograph your family in front of a blank wall, on your bed, or your couch. Your wall color, furniture style, and space in your home will all affect these images. Here are a few examples of family portraits taken during recent home sessions.

in-home newborn photography Los Angelesfamily portrait on bedin-home newborn photographyparents kissing newborn

How much natural light does my house need to have?

I’ll let you in on a secret; my photographs only look like they’re taken in natural light. In reality, I use a strobe that mimics daylight, and this means that I can create light and airy photographs in the darkest of homes. When I visit a client in their home, I bring my full lighting setup.

newborn in handsHow much space do you need?

Not as much as you think! For baby’s solo images I’ll be setting up my light and a posing bag (imagine a cross between a giant bean bag and an ottoman). I need an area of about 6’x6′ to work.

I just need enough space to back up and get you all in the frame for your family photographs. I’ve never had a problem finding a suitable spot in my client’s homes for their family portraits.

newborn sleeping on dadin-home newborn photographyHow long does an in-home newborn session take?

An in-home newborn session takes about the same amount of time as a studio session: 2.5-3 hours. It takes me about 15 minutes to load in and set up and another 15 minutes to pack up again.

newborn in handsDo you recommend an in-home or studio session?

If no other factors were involved, I would recommend a studio session simply because I have complete control over the environment. I know exactly what I’ll be working with and how the finished images will look.

That said, there are always other factors involved! Perhaps you’ve had a difficult recovery from birth and don’t feel up to leaving the house. You might have a 2-year old who feels more comfortable at home during this time of big changes. Your partner may be working from home and only able to dip in and out of the session as needed. Or, you’d simply rather be at home!

Whether you choose an in-home or studio newborn session, you’ll come away with gorgeous images that you’ll love forever.

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big sister and newborn

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