Newborn and Sibling Photography Los Angeles

October 18, 2019

Newborn and Sibling Photography Los Angeles

A newborn and sibling photography session is a wonderful way to celebrate a new chapter in your family’s life! After all, the birth of a second child is also the beginning of a shared childhood! I love to incorporate big brothers and sisters into my Los Angeles newborn sessions and they love to be included.

My full newborn sessions include sibling and parent portraits as well a full gallery of newborn images. Often it’s these photographs that become the family favorites. Big brothers and sisters (no matter how small) are thrilled to be included and so proud to show off their new baby!

Siblings Welcome!

When it comes to siblings and newborns I have a lot of tools in my toolbox. Above all else, I always ensure that everyone is safe and secure. I select poses and set-ups based on siblings’ ages and temperament and always have an option that will work. I keep the sibling portion of our session short, sweet, and safe!

Of course, it’s a little bit of extra work and preparation to include siblings in a newborn portrait session, but the results are definitely worth it! Your children will love looking back on these photographs, which mark the moment their childhood became a joint experience.

A Recent Newborn & Sibling Photography Session in Los Angeles

The images below are from a recent Los Angeles session that included baby’s two older brothers (18 months and 5 years old). When mom saw her gallery she was immediately drawn to the images that included all her boys. This image, with all three boys in the chair, was selected to be framed for the wall. I know that it will stay up on that wall for a long time. It marks the moment their family became complete!

Scroll all the way through to the bottom to see the two photographs that I think will have these boys sharing a laugh as adults…

Sibling and Newborn Photography Los AngelesBlack and white portrait of newborn yawningnewborn baby boy sleeping under hand knit blanketbrother kissing newborn baby brotherlittle boy kissing newborn brother on nosenewborn portrait featuring parent's handsnewborn portrait of baby holding mom's thumbNewborn and sibling photography Los AngelesNewborn and brothers photography session LA

Don’t worry… despite appearances they were handing baby very gently. And mom and dad were keeping a close watch just out of frame!

As you can see, including siblings in your newborn’s portrait session adds so much to the session. If you’re considering a newborn and sibling photography session in Los Angeles I would be happy to discuss it with you!

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