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I want your session to be as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. This guide will walk you through what to expect from your session and how best to prepare.

Please take a few minutes to read through the guide and feel free to reach out with any questions.

Wardrobe Planning

the first question you have is probably "what do i wear?"

rest assured, i have you covered. below you'll find everything you need to know.

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Helpful Tips

Options for Baby

Getting Started

Coordinating your color palette is the number one thing that will help your wardrobe work as a family unit.

One way to do this is to choose a couple main colors and an accent color and pick the clothes accordingly.

The other way is to choose one person’s outfit and build the rest of the family's look around it.

Consider picking one outfit with a print or pattern. Choose that outfit first. This gives you plenty of colors to choose from to pick your coordinating colors.

If your child is one year or younger, we will photograph an additional "look"

For some of the session your little one will be clothed in their main outfit. This is the clothing you will want to coordinate with yours.

If you like, we can also photograph your baby in a simple onesie or diaper cover. I have a selection of cute, neutral diaper covers at the studio.

This is a great opportunity to capture all the little details of their baby body (leg rolls, pudgy fingers and toes, etc.).

Make sure to start thinking about your session wardrobe well in advance. This leaves time for ordering any missing pieces.

I am more than happy to help you with your wardrobe selections!

I suggest starting with what you have at home. Lay out your family's best options on the floor or a bed, snap a photo, and send it my way. I can help you choose a cohesive look and source any missing items online.

The tips that follow will help you get started.

  • I recommend light colors in the studio. Think cream, grey, khaki, pale pink and pale blue.
  • Avoid any neon colors, which might create a color cast on your skin.
  • Avoid shirts that have logos, words, or images on them.
  • Don't worry about shoes. You and your kids can go barefoot during the session.
  • Make sure children's clothing fits snugly. Clothes that are a little big will ride up.
  • Please make sure to iron or steam your clothing before the session. Wrinkles will definitely be noticeable in your photographs.
  • Hair & Makeup

    Doing your own hair and make-up.


    I recommend a natural look for your hair and make-up. If you are doing it yourself, I suggest that you do your hair and make-up as you would for a daytime party or event.

    Having your hair and make-up done professionally.


    Many of my clients choose to have their hair and make-up done professionally. I recommend the Kelly Zhang Studio, which is located in Pasadena, about 10 minutes from the garden. Pricing for hair & make-up is around $200.

    Don't forget the kids!


    All the little details that help you look your best during your session.

    For kids with long hair, I recommend a style that is low-maintenance and can be easily touched up. Be sure to bring a hairbrush, hair ties, and anything else you might need for a quick fix.

    Welcome to...

    The Studio

    My 450 square foot studio is located in my Mt. Washington home. The studio features a large window, white walls and a bed with crisp white bedding.

    The separate client lounge is yours for the duration of your session. It's a great place to stash your things, try on wardrobe, and take a quick break. You'll find a selection of healthy snacks, a comfy couch, tv with streaming services, and a private bathroom.

    Grab lunch in nearby Eagle Rock or Highland Park after your session!


    4516 palmero Drive

    los Angeles, CA


    What to Bring

    Baby girl portrait on bed


    Please make sure to bring plenty of milk or formula for baby or a few not-too-messy snacks for older kids.

    Babies and kids may need a little blood sugar boost midway through the session and a happy kid is always better than a hangry one.

    I'll have water and energy bars on hand for grown-ups!


    baby with blanket on head

    A Sentimental Item

    If you have a special item that you'd like photographed - like a favorite lovey or hand-knit blanket - please feel free to bring it along.

    This is less of a must-have and more of an option. In any case, I don't recommend bringing more than one or two items.


    Outdoor portrait of girl

    A Small Treat

    Some kids may need a little incentive part way through the session.

    If you are comfortable using rewards, I suggest bringing a small treat that can be doled out individually (like gummy bears, skittles or fruit snacks). Avoid messy or long-lasting treats like chocolate or lollipops.

    We'll keep the treats a surprise until we need them!


    I am not expecting a family of professional models! I will be giving you constant direction and prompts to help you relax and look your best.

    It is normal for your baby or child to have different priorities than we do for the session. I have all sorts of tricks up my sleeve and plenty of patience. Rest assured that I have seen it ALL before.

    Your session will last about 90 minutes, but we won't be photographing that whole time. We'll be going at a pace that is comfortable for your child with plenty of time for exploring, playing and snacking.

    Don't worry... I have a plan!

    worried you might feel awkward in front of the camera or that your little one won't cooperate? don't fret... you're in good hands.

    Useful Links to Get You Started

    Ready, set, go!

    Here's a handy list of links to have on hand when planning your session look. If you have questions at any point during the process, please reach out via phone or email. I'm happy to help you in any way I can.

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