When to schedule a newborn session

      One of the questions I hear most is “when do I schedule my newborn session”?

      The newborn stage of  your baby’s life goes by very quickly (I know, it doesn’t seem like it at midnight, 2am and 4am). You may think you’ll remember everything, but a few months on and it’s all pretty hazy (thanks for that, extreme sleep deprivation!). You’ll rely on photographs to remember how small your baby really was and to bring back all those memories of how it felt to hold that tiny bundle.

      So, the first thing to do is to book your session far enough in advance to make sure that your favorite photographer is available and that you don’t miss out on capturing your baby’s newness altogether. I recommend reaching out to your photographer at the beginning of your 3rd trimester.

      Now, at what age should your newborn be photographed? The typical answer is within 10 days of your baby’s birth. This will ensure a deeply sleeping baby who can be easily posed.

      However, I think there is a more important question to ask first… what kind of photographs do I want? If you are after a heavily posed session (baby swaddled on a beanbag) then you definitely want to book your session for the first few days of your baby’s life. However, if you’re after a lifestyle newborn session (For example, one like this natural newborn session, this relaxed in-home newborn session , or this lifestyle newborn session), you have a choice.

      If you’d like to capture your baby at his tiniest and are happy with your little one sleeping through the whole session, then stick with the 10 day window. Here are some images from a sleepy newborn session of mine.

      Candid portrait of big brother and newborn. Relaxed image of father and newborn son. Relaxed image of newborn.



      If, on the other hand, you prefer to wait until your baby is a little more alert, consider scheduling a session at 4-8 weeks. We’ll be able to capture a little more of baby’s personality, get some eyes-open images and might even get a smile or two.

      Here are a few portraits of babies taken between 4 and 8 weeks. You can see that they’re still quite tiny, but definitely more alert!

      Natural Newborn Photography in Los Angeles

      Whether you choose a traditional 10-day window or decide to bend the rules a bit you’ll be glad to have portraits from your baby’s newborn days.

      Interested in a session for your own family? Use the links below to find out more or to get in touch.

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