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      When you have four kids (and two of them are twin babies) a DIY family portrait is pretty much out of the question! This family contacted me with a singular mission in mind – a few beautiful family portraits, with all of them together, to display on the walls of their new home. Of course, we came up with some additional objectives, like capturing their twins’ babyhood and the special bond between their 6 and 7 year old daughters.

      Since the family was in the middle of moving house, we opted for an outdoor session at Descanso Gardens, one of the kids’ favorite spots. The girls showed up ready to blaze a trail, cowboy boots and all.

      Our first stop was in this gorgeous glen to get the most important image – that elusive family portrait with everyone in it!

      Family Portrait Two Moms

      With that out of the way, we were free to adventure through the gardens. The girls had plenty of ideas for things to do and see and made for very enthusiastic models. I’ve included quite a few images from the session here, because I just couldn’t narrow down my favorites. I could photograph these kids all. day. long.

      Sisters PortraitPortrait of SistersPortrait of girl with flowersPortrait of girlPortrait of girl Portrait of young girl

      The babies were also excited to tour the garden and especially interested in tasting a wide variety of flora.

      Portrait baby boyPortrait baby girl

      This one is definitely their album cover.Portrait Twin Babies

      I’ll tell you, these kids were such troopers! We trekked all over the gardens! Just as the sun was beginning to set we found a lovely grassy spot to finish out the session. This should have been the time when the babies were starting to fall apart, but they were in it to win it.

      Family Portrait Descanso GardensFamily Portrait Descanso GardensFamily with two moms and four kidsPortrait of sistersTwin baby portrait

      The little ones must get it from their moms, who were brave enough to plan a family session mid-move… and make it all look easy!

      Framed family portrait

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