Family Photos in Los Angeles

      It’s always a pleasure to meet a client who is as passionate about family photos as I am. When I first arrived at this family’s Los Angeles home for our design consultation I was treated to a living room filled with photo books. Seemingly, these dads hadn’t missed out on documenting a single holiday, vacation or milestone in their boys’ lives. If you are a person who has both a computer and a child then you know that this is no easy feat.

      Even with all their candid moments captured it had been a few years since the family had done a session with a professional photographer and they wanted to update their family portraits. Since these dads and their twin boys have a beautiful outdoor space, two dogs, some ducks and some chickens we just had to do the session at their home.

      This session was just about as fun as they come. The boys were up for anything and I do mean anything. We gathered chicken eggs, splashed in the pool and even worked on our roping skills.

      Family photo with twin boys and dogs

      With a quick wardrobe change the twins went from suits to stripes. Luckily, they look just as dashing in either.

      Family photo twin boysFamily Photo Dad and Twin Boysfamily photo dads by pool with boys

      Just one member of the family’s menagerie. The hen was not as willing a participant as the boy, but at least we got her good side.

      Family photo boy with chickenfamily photo boy lying by poolfamily photo boys on saddlesfamily photo dad with boys and lassos

      I wasn’t kidding about the roping skills.

      family photo boy with lasso

      One or the other of the boys kept coming up with just “one more” idea and we ended up shooting until the sun went down. Just you try putting your camera away with these two on the loose…

      family photo twin boys on steps

      By the time I came back to deliver the family’s wall gallery they were ready to show me the holiday cards that they had created with some of their session images. I’m telling you… this family does not miss a beat when it comes to their family photos.


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