Now We Are Six!

      Can I just say that I LOVE six year olds? These two really made for a fun family session and drove home what I’ve always known… Six is a magical age! Here’s why…


      By the time a child is 6 their personality is pretty well formed. These two were no exception. In fact, the minute I walked in the door I forgot that they were even twins. I had a lot of fun getting to know them both and learning how best to draw out the smiles (turns out Dad under the counter ticking their feet is the great equalizer).

      No Self-Consciousness.

      I wish we could all stay 6 in this department. When you’re 6 you know you look great, you feel gorgeous in your pink headband and you’re up for having your portrait taken anywhere.

      They say “yes”.

      Most 6 year olds are up for anything. Want to play airplane? Yes. Want to show me your lego collection? Yes. Want to take a picture of you sliding down the slide head first? Why, yes! Plus they always have some great ideas of their own that are easy to say yes to.

      They’re not too old to cuddle.

      Yes, they’re getting bigger, but they still love to be held and they haven’t outgrown the lap.

      They love to share.

      Okay, maybe not with one another… but they’re always ready to welcome someone new into their home and show them the ropes… and ALL their toys. I love a good child-led home tour and the shots we get along the way.

      Dress ups!

      A 6 year old is always up for a good costume change. This little girl was headed out to a ballet recital later in the day and gave me a preview of the show.

      They’re making their own way in the world.

      When I delivered this session the kids were getting ready to head off to 1st grade. There’s nothing like watching a little person on the very beginning of their own journey. Unless it’s two little people…

      A big thanks to this lovely family for welcoming me into their home for the afternoon, it was a real treat to spend time with these two fantastic little people. I hope these portraits will help preserve the magic of 6!

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