Ariel Cannon Photography offers lifestyle family photography in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

      What exactly is lifestyle family photography?

      Are you craving natural moments and candid images that capture your family’s honest connections?  If so, you are probably searching for a lifestyle photographer.

      Read on to find out a little bit more about lifestyle photography and why it works so well for families.

      Lifestyle portraits capture real situations, moments and interactions in an artistic manner.  So, while I might photograph you in beautiful light and at a flattering angle, I’m careful to set up actions and activities that generate real interactions between you and your children, rather than asking you to hold a pose.

      How do I know if lifestyle family photography is right for me?

      There are lots of reasons for choosing a lifestyle session.  Here are a few…

      You want to tell your family’s story

      Lifestyle family photography is perfect for capturing the beauty of your everyday.  Life with children can be crazy, but it’s undeniably beautiful.  When we build a session around activities you already do or places you visit regularly those images come with an extra layer of memory built in.  We can even frame your session as a “day in the life” and you’ll be surprised to see just how gorgeous your average Saturday afternoon looks in print!

      This lifestyle session with twins was built around the family’s afternoon routine and is a great example of a storytelling session.

      You want a variety of images from your session

      Because lifestyle family photography naturally involves a lot of action and interaction and because no kid is going to stay in one spot for long, if they don’t have to, I usually capture a wide variety of images within a single session.

      Lifestyle photography falls on the spectrum between documentary photography (a fly-on the wall approach where the photographer does not direct or interfere with her subjects) and traditional portraiture (heavily directed and posed sessions).

      I personally have discovered that leaning into both the more traditional end of lifestyle and the more documentarian end within the same shoot really helps families get the most out of their session.  Check out the image sets below.  Each set was taken within the same session.

      [flo_mosaic mosaic_id=’722′]

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      [flo_mosaic mosaic_id=’726′]


      You truly want to capture your child’s personality

      One of the main benefits of a lifestyle session is that they are inherently flexible.  I don’t have a list of poses to run through and so we don’t have to worry that the little ones may not sit “just so”.  I always start a session with a plan for what we’ll be doing and where we’ll be shooting based on my consultation with the family, the light, etc. Sometimes we roughly follow that plan from beginning to end and sometimes, more often than not, a pint-sized creative director takes over. Of course, they don’t run the whole show, but a strong-willed child (or a shy one, or one that won’t stop moving) will certainly change our charted course and that’s as it should be!  When I photograph children in their element the resulting images are authentic and lively portraits that truly capture your child.

      Do lifestyle sessions have to take place in my home?

      No!  Absolutely not.  Lifestyle photography is about capturing real moments and real connection.  Homes provide a wonderfully intimate setting for this, but they are not the only place for a lifestyle family photography session. I often work with families to come up with an outdoor location that means something to their family. Barring that, we can always do some familiar activities in a new location!

      Here is an in-home newborn lifestyle session.  And here’s an outdoor lifestyle family session.

      A BIG THANKS to CBS LA for naming Ariel Cannon Photography one of the best lifestyle family photographers in Los Angeles.

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      […] more about lifestyle family photography and how I can tell your family’s […]

      […] more about lifestyle family photography and how I can tell your family’s […]