Natural Newborn Photography Los Angeles

      A lot of my clients seem to have a similar story. They didn’t want newborn portraits. When they thought of “newborn photography” they immediately thought of props and sets and bows and a whole bunch of other things that they just weren’t interested in. So, they were not getting newborn portraits. Nope! Never!

      But then… well, a little voice kept nagging, maybe I do want some photographs of this little person I’ve been getting to know for nine months… Or a friend with an older baby told them that their newborn will only be so tiny for so long, or that she can barely remember what it was like to have a newborn at all. And sometimes it’s a second-time mother who regrets not documenting her first child’s newness.

      And then… they start to search casually… googling “newborn portraits Los Angeles” when their husband isn’t looking. And there is a lot they don’t want there. A lot of props and bows and sets. But then, just maybe, they start to search for “organic”, or “simple”, or “natural newborn photography Los Angeles” and there it is! An option they didn’t know existed. For beautiful, timeless images that will help you recall your baby’s first days (when he is a giant toddler dragging you around the park).

      Maybe you’re that mama? Searching late at night for a newborn photographer even though you swore you’d never get newborn portraits? If so… welcome! I’m so glad you found your way here.

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      Ariel Cannon Photography specializes in newborn and family portrait photography and serves Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

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