Photographing Older Newborns

November 8, 2019

Photographing Older Newborns

If you’ve searched for a newborn photographer in Los Angeles (or anywhere else, for that matter) you may have noticed that most newborn photographers want to photograph your little bundle in the magic window of the first 10-days or two-weeks of life. This is because young newborns sleep more deeply (and for longer!) and will curl into certain positions more easily. In fact, many newborn photographers won’t take clients outside this window, so finding a photographer who is comfortable photographing older newborns can be a challenge!

I certainly understand the recommendation to photograph your newborn in the first two weeks and I do advise my clients to schedule their session within this window… when possible. However, there are many reasons that a client may not be able to do this – from a NICU stay to simply realizing after baby is born that they really do want newborn portraits after all.

I would never turn a client away because their baby is “too old”. Photographing an older newborn certainly takes a little more preparation and patience, but it is possible. And, in my opinion, more than worth the extra effort! I love delivering a gallery of gorgeous images to parents who thought they were “too late” for newborn portraits!

In a recent studio session I photographed a 7 week old baby. I prepared the parents for the fact that we may not get the sleepy, curly photographs they fell in love with in my portfolio, but that we would definitely get gorgeous portraits of their infant. We ended up with both!

Baby was awake for a lot of the session, but we managed to soothe her into sleep for a couple of set-ups. The result is a gallery that has both the sleepy photographs mom originally wanted and some fun wide-awake portraits that showcase baby’s emerging personality (and that personality is definitely one of the benefits of working with an older newborn!).

So, if you’ve already had your baby and are still longing for some newborn portraits… make some calls! Chances are there is someone in your area who will do a beautiful job photographing your “older” newborn.

Mom holding newborn and kissing toes Overhead portrait of 7 week old newborn photographing older newborns 3/4 profile portrait of newborn Newborn baby girl in circle wrap Overhead portrait of swaddled newborn yawning Portrait of new parents holding their newborn daughter overhead shot of naked newborn looking at camera