Natural Newborn Portraits LA

      I create natural newborn portraits for my LA clients. Natural newborn portraits… it sounds great, doesn’t it? But what does it actually mean?

      I struggle sometimes with finding the right words to describe the newborn portraits that I make, but I think that “natural” comes pretty darn close. Here’s a rundown on what goes into creating a natural newborn portrait.

      The Key Elements of Natural Newborn Portraits

      Natural Lighting

      Whether I’m photographing your baby in your home or in my studio, I’m using natural light! In your home, this means that I’m set up close to a window or sliding door. I use a range of light modifiers, such as diffusers and reflectors, to create the soft light you see in my portraits.

      natural light portrait of newborn in hatcloseup newborn portraitnaturally lit newborn portrait with loose swaddle

      Natural Posing

      The second key element is natural posing. This means that I choose poses that reflect a newborn’s natural tendencies and capabilities. I will never prop your baby into an unnatural or “impossible” pose. Even though I am posing your newborn, I want the position to be something that your little one could have gotten into on her own.

      In addition, I follow the lead of your baby, in particular. So, if I’m posing your little one and realize that he wants to have his hands up above his head, or keeps bringing one arm across his chest… I let it happen! Not only does this make your baby more comfortable, but it captures a unique element that you’ll remember from his newborn stage. Years later, when you look back at the photograph you’ll think “I remember how he loved to put his arms up like that”.

      black and white portrait of newborn sleeping with arm across chest natural portrait of newborn with hands near face natural newborn portrait la

      Natural Interaction

      Natural posing extends to the rest of the family as well! While I’m careful to pose you in the most flattering way, I’m also focused on capturing natural interactions with your newborn. Simply put, when you look back at these portraits I want you to see a beautiful representation of how you actually held/talked to/kissed/looked at your baby.

      natural newborn portrait of dad looking down at yawning newborn parents looking down at sleeping newborn in mom's arms mom holding newborn and looking down at hernatural portrait of swaddled newborn holding mom's finger and smiling

      Natural Newborn Portraits

      I hope this helps you understand what goes into the making of a natural newborn portrait! My mission is to create newborn portraits that bring back those beautiful sensory memories of the first weeks of your child’s life.

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