Newborn Photography Near Me

      I know, I know, what a strange title for a blog post! But… this is what A LOT of my clients are plugging into their search engine when looking for a newborn photographer.

      Proximity is important when searching for a newborn photographer, especially in a big city like Los Angeles. Most new mothers are sleep-deprived, physically recovering and juggling lots of balls in the air (hey, breastfeeding was supposed to be easy!!). And even a first-time mother knows that schlepping their newborn across town in LA traffic a week after giving birth may not be an enjoyable experience…

      The good news is that there are newborn photographers really near you. Like… in your house near you!

      In-home sessions are a great way to capture beautiful newborn portraits of your little one without leaving the comfort of your home.

      There are so many benefits to an in-home newborn session, but here are just a few.

      1. You’re in your comfort zone. You, your spouse, your baby, and definitely your older children (if you have them) will be most comfortable in your own space.
      2. You have access to all your wardrobe! Hey, accidents happen… you might need a change of clothes and when we photograph your newborn session at home, you have them all handy.
      3. We can incorporate pets. You might have a pet who you consider your first baby, so let’s incorporate them as well!
      4. You can go about your life. Having an in-home newborn session means that you can change the laundry mid-session or eat a snack or have a cup of tea!
      5. You don’t have to remember ALL THE THINGS. I have two kids of my own and remember that leaving the house with a newborn is not a simple task. When you have your newborn photographed in your home you don’t have to remember/find/pack the diapers/wipes/creams/pacifiers/extra clothes/nursing pillow/water/blankets/kitchen sink and rush to be somewhere on time. It’s all just there, strewn all over the house… as it should be :).

      So, if you’re searching for “newborn photography near me” consider an in-home session… you don’t get much closer than that!

      All these lovely portraits were created in a client’s home last week!

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