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      When you start searching for newborn photography in Los Angeles, the first thing you’ll notice is that you have A LOT of choices. Like a lot of aspects of preparing for your baby’s arrival, it can feel overwhelming.

      You may not have hired a photographer since your wedding and just have a vague sense that you’d like some newborn portraits. How on Earth are you supposed to find the newborn photographer who’s right for you? I have a couple simple tips for starting that process, that will help keep you from being overwhelmed.

      The first thing to do is to put the nesting-mama-research-hyper-drive into neutral. There are going to be a lot of factors to weigh, but before you break out out the spreadsheet let’s take a breath. There are a lot of different styles of newborn photography available in Los Angeles, and the first step is to find the aesthetic that works for you.

      Are you looking for a photographer who will incorporate a lot of props into your newborn images? If so, you might want to look at a studio like The Pod Photography. Or, are you looking for a more natural, minimalist style like the images you see below?

      Take a look through a few photographer’s websites (just the galleries, no other information yet!) and write down only the names of the photographers whose images you’re drawn to… you’ll find the list is a lot shorter than when you started.

      Another good trick for this is to head to Pinterest and type in “Los Angeles Newborn Photographer”. You can easily breeze through a bunch of images and click through to the websites of the ones you like.

      Once you’ve done some browsing and really homed in on the style of portraits you’re after you can start to assess your options and weigh all the other details, such as credentials, location and investment.

      Happy hunting!

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