Natural Newborn Photography Los Angeles

      I get a lot of emails from expectant mothers saying that they are drawn to my newborn portraits because they feel “natural”. A lot of these women, who end up as my clients, thought they would skip the newborn portraits entirely because everything they saw on the internet felt a little too posed, or a little too “cheesy”.

      I’m always happy when I get a client like this – because I know they would have missed documenting this fleeting stage of their baby’s life.

      Don’t get me wrong, my newborn photographs are still posed. A lot of work and finesse goes into each set-up with careful attention to baby’s position, camera angle and lighting. The “natural” feel to these images comes from posing that is comfortable for baby and is inspired by newborns’ natural inclinations. We aim to photograph our newborn clients at 6-12 days old so that we can capture their natural tendency to curl up.

      The natural feeling of these portraits also comes from what’s not there. The absence of props, elaborate accessories and overwhelming color allows the perfection of your newborn to speak for itself.

      A simple newborn portrait is timeless. In 30 years your newborn portraits will remind you not of the trends of the time, but of the feeling of your baby’s first days… just as they are meant to do.

      Natural Newborn Photography Los AngelesNatural Newborn Photography Los AngelesNatural Newborn Photography Los AngelesNatural Newborn Photography

      Ariel Cannon Photography offers natural newborn photography in and around Los Angeles. We offer in-home newborn sessions. We recommend booking your newborn session during your 2nd trimester. However, if you are on a last-minute search for a newborn photographer, please inquire! We sometimes have last-minute openings and will try to fit you into our schedule if we can. We absolutely love giving new moms (and dads) the gift of beautiful newborn portraits!

      You can read more about our newborn sessions here.

      Ariel Cannon Photography specializes in newborn and family portrait photography and serves Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

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