Simple Newborn Portraits Los Angeles

      When I was pregnant with my first child I didn’t have newborn portraits taken. The truth is that back then I didn’t photograph newborns and when I pictured newborn portraits I pictured not so natural posing and lots of props.

      When I started photographing newborns as part of my business I set out to create for other moms (and dads) the kind of portraits I wish I had of my daughter: clean, simple and emotive.

      Your newborn’s portraits should recall your sweet baby – simple and pure – and the new family connections that are created in those special first days. Those image should pull you in and bring the sensory memories of holding your new baby flooding back. To my mind ultra-posed newborn photographs distract from those memories. Your newborn baby never sat propped up with her head in her hands and (I’m guessing) didn’t spend too much time nestled into a flower pot or a baseball glove.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking newborn photographers who photograph this way – they are true artists and baby whisperers, all of them. It’s just that I’m after something else… the memories.

      To my mind, a perfect newborn portrait is one that not only captures how your baby looked as a newborn (with beautiful lighting and composition), but how it felt to look at your newborn in those first days.

      I use a technique called baby-led posing. I gently guide newborns into poses that photograph well, but I listen to their signals. If your little one wants her arms or legs a certain way, there is probably a reason.

      When you lay a sleeping baby down they all do something different. As I’m working with a newborn Mom or Dad will usually say something like “oh my goodness, he sleeps like that all the time” or “we have an ultrasound photograph with her arms like that.” That little pose reminds them of their baby and it should absolutely be captured… not overruled.

      I have a photograph of my son (my second child) as a newborn: he’s sleeping with one hand on his chest and one arm above his head. I tucked him in last week (he’s nearly 6 now) and noticed that he was sleeping the exact same way…  It’s a sweet photograph on its own, but now I think it’s sweeter still.

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