Los Angeles Baby Photographer

      There is a lot of overlap in being a parent and being a baby photographer. The number one rule for both is that no one is happy unless baby is happy. Sadly, at our first attempt at this session baby was decidedly NOT happy. And for good reason! Unbeknownst to us, the poor guy had a double ear infection.

      Once we figured out that baby was not simply cranky we stopped the session and rescheduled. But, before we did, we managed to get a few winning images.

      It’s rare you get a portrait of a 6-month old sleeping at an outdoor session, so this one felt extra precious.

      Los Angeles Baby Photographer

      As you can see, baby is NOT having it here. However, this ended up being a favorite from the session and is now hanging on the family’s wall. Sometimes, a little slice of reality and THAT face is just perfect.

      Los Angeles Baby Photographer

      Thankfully, when we met again at the lovely LA Arboretum, baby was in much better spirits! I have to hand it to his mama, who took everything in stride on both occasions. I would have guessed this was her 3rd child, not her 1st!Los Angeles Baby Photographer

      I mean… look at this face (and that hat)! He really couldn’t be cuter.Los Angeles Baby Photographer

      This age is my absolute favorite: sitting up, but not crawling away… still a baby, but robust enough for a game of airplane.

      Los Angeles Baby Photographer

      I loved getting to spend some time with this little man and it was so fun to see his true personality the second time around!Los Angeles Baby Photographer





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