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      When I met this family for their design appointment – and spied the motorcycles in the garage, the surfboard by the pool and the rope swing in the back – I knew we were in for a fun session.

      Mom and dad were looking for portraits that would capture their boys’ energy and personalities with a relaxed feel… in a word: FUN. With that in mind I designed a session that was high on activity and low on posing.

      We started indoors with every child’s favorite pastime… using the sofas for anything but sitting.

      Fun children's portrait

      This portrait was created with the boys’ 3 year age difference in mind. I wanted a clear picture of older brother and younger brother, and I think this illustrates just that!

      Fun children's portrait

      A quiet moment – but, one of very few.

      Fun children's portrait

      If you can’t get two kids still at the same time… just run with it!

      I always like to incorporate a child’s hobby into their portraits if possible. This guy is a guitar player, so we set up some portraits to include his instrument.

      Fun children's portrait

      I’m positive that if I had looked this cool playing piano as a kid that I would have practiced a lot more!

      Much to the boys’ delight we were finally ready to move outside. First up, we headed down to the rope swing, which extends out over a steep incline. It was a little terrifying to watch, but the boys were undaunted and dad was on hand to spot.

      Fun children's portrait

      Daredevils, the both of them.

      After that little dose of adrenaline we headed back up to take some tamer portraits in the yard.

      Fun children's portrait

      After years as a children’s photographer I’ve got a pretty good repertoire of jokes that are just naughty enough (but still G-rated!) for a good laugh. These two made for a lively audience.

      Even during a session where the main goal is fun, we have to get a few of those portraits that remind mom just how gorgeous her kids are. Both these kids are dreamboats.

      Fun children's portrait

      Fun children's portrait

      Last thing up, a few shots to illustrate that special brother bond. These two were so sweet with one another the whole session.

      Fun children's portrait Fun children's portrait

      When I asked them to get together for a photograph they immediately put themselves in this affectionate pose. I could have photographed these two for another hour, but I’d promised them they would be done in time for a game of wiffleball with their dad. I’ll bet they played until dark. After all, this family doesn’t seem to give up on fun easily.

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