Natural Newborn Photography in Los Angeles

February 8, 2018

Natural Newborn Photography in Los Angeles

There are hundreds of newborn photographers in Los Angeles, each offering their own style of newborn photography. Most of my clients seek me out because they are looking for natural newborn photography without complicated posing or props.

Minimalist newborn portrait

One of the best things about natural newborn portraits, is that they can easily be created in your home. I absolutely love in-home newborn sessions. Unless you’re a real jets-setter, your home is likely to be your whole world for a few weeks after your new baby is born. It’s that cozy place where you and your partner (and your other children, if you have them) get to know the new addition. And while your world shrinks down to the size of your home, at the same time this new little person fills you up entirely, pushing the outside world right out the window.

A few weeks ago I got to spend some time with this lovely family, who had just welcomed their baby boy.

I photographed both posed and lifestyle portraits for this family and it was fun to include little bits of their new home in the session. They were especially happy to include their “first born” in the session.

Overhead portrait of newborn sleeping under white blanket Macro portrait of newborn sleeping

overhead portrait of mom, dad and dog looking at baby overhead portrait of mom, dad looking at baby with dog looking at camera

The newborn phase really does pass in a flash. Hopefully these images of quiet and cuddly moments will bring back the feeling of what it was like to hold their newborn when mom and dad are chasing a toddler around the house!

mom kissing swaddled baby mom stroking baby's cheek mom and dad cuddling newborn son

I consider myself lucky to do these kinds of sessions. Stepping into the inner sanctum of a newborn’s home is a real gift.




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