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6 Reasons Why I LOVE Photographing 6 Year OldsLos Angeles Lifestyle Family Photographer

6 Reasons Why I LOVE Photographing 6 Year Olds
Now We Are Six! Can I just say that I LOVE six year olds? These two really made for a fun family session and drove home what I've always known... Six is a magical age! Here's why... Personality! By the time a child is 6 their personality is pretty well formed. These two were no exception. In fact, the minute I walked in the door I forgot that they were even twins. [...]

Planning a family photography session… Will my child cooperate?Los Angeles Modern Family Photography

Planning a family photography session... Will my child cooperate?
As a family photographer I've learned that every kid is different, but all parents are the same. Okay, that's not really true, but sometimes it feels like it. Whenever I do a consult for a family with young kids I hear the same worries surfacing... "I'm not sure he'll sit still for you", "I hope she'll cooperate", "We're hoping to catch him on a good day". Well, I hav[...]