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6 Reasons Why I LOVE Photographing 6 Year OldsLos Angeles Lifestyle Family Photographer

6 Reasons Why I LOVE Photographing 6 Year Olds
Now We Are Six! Can I just say that I LOVE six year olds? These two really made for a fun family session and drove home what I've always known... Six is a magical age! Here's why... Personality! By the time a child is 6 their personality is pretty well formed. These two were no exception. In fact, the minute I walked in the door I forgot that they were even twins. [...]

Planning a family photography session… Will my child cooperate?Los Angeles Modern Family Photography

Planning a family photography session... Will my child cooperate?
As a family photographer I've learned that every kid is different, but all parents are the same. Okay, that's not really true, but sometimes it feels like it. Whenever I do a consult for a family with young kids I hear the same worries surfacing... "I'm not sure he'll sit still for you", "I hope she'll cooperate", "We're hoping to catch him on a good day". Well, I hav[...]

A Family Session at Descanso Gardens in La Canada FlintridgeLos Angeles Lifestyle Family Photographer

A Family Session at Descanso Gardens in La Canada Flintridge
When you look back at your family photographs 10 years from now there are all sorts of memories that can come flooding back, but the first memory should not be of the session itself. No one wants to stare at a photograph thinking "remember when we all dressed up and that photographer took our picture". One of the easiest ways to create more meaningful images is to c[...]