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First Family Portraits in a New HomeLos Angeles Family Portrait Photographer

First Family Portraits in a New Home
First Family Portraits in a New Home - Los Angeles We should all strive to be as laid back as these four! When I met with this family to do their design appointment they were in the middle of moving out of one house and into another. In fact, they all trooped in for the meeting covered in paint! For the average family moving house would mean putting everything els[...]

Los Angeles Lifestyle Family Photography

Los Angeles Lifestyle Family Photography
 Ariel Cannon Photography offers lifestyle family photography in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. What exactly is lifestyle family photography? Are you craving natural moments and candid images that capture your family's honest connections?  If so, you are probably searching for a lifestyle photographer. Read on to find out a little bit more about lifestyle p[...]

5 Tips to Get Mom in the PictureLos Angeles Lifestyle Family Photographer

5 Tips to Get Mom in the Picture
A few years ago Allison Tate wrote a piece for the Huffington Post entitled "The Mom Stays in the Picture". I’m everywhere in their young lives, and yet I have very few pictures of me with them. Someday I won’t be here — and I don’t know if that someday is tomorrow or thirty or forty or fifty years from now — but I want them to have pictures of me. I want them to[...]

Spring Photo Session WardrobeLos Angeles Lifestyle Family Photographer

Spring Photo Session Wardrobe
As a family photographer "what do I wear?' is a question I hear a lot.  And it's an important one!  Great wardrobe can add a lot to your images.  Since "what do I wear" is a question that so many of my clients ask I thought I'd focus this Spring on creating some tools to help my families put together the perfect wardrobe for their sessions. To that end I collaborat[...]